Dove Valentine's Day

It seemed like the worst contradiction. Telling women to choose pleasure 364 days a year, but on one day, on Valentine’s Day, we tell them to sit still and wait for someone else to bring them what they want. Nope. Not our women. Not gonna happen. Instead we chose to encourage woman to buck tradition and buy their own damn chocolate. And we did this using one of the most overused tropes of the season, the trapped teddy bear. Bound to heart shaped boxes everywhere, they are almost as cliched as women sitting around and waiting for valentine validation. Every time a woman bought her own chocolate on Valentine’s Day, she literally set a Teddy Bear free to follow its heart, and social let her know where and how her teddy was enjoying this new-found freedom.  On-line video, print and social was all produced for under $50,000.

We did an open call on Facebook, asking women for their love stories. How they met, how they proposed, etc. We made a series of on-line films celebrating the stories that spoke to us. Love stories with an interesting twist, love stories that transcend space and time, the kind love stories are made of. Or at least short films.