American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance, a regional insurance company in 19 states, couldn’t rely on its advertising budget (for perspective, AFI was outspent 40:1 by the category leader) or conventional disaster messaging to be heard. But, is that really what people needed to hear right now? With a 24-hour news cycle that seems to only highlight the bad, American Family Insurance realized it was prime time to flip the script. Rather than play off people’s fears, we could reposition insurance to be about an investment in the future, with a different POV:  Your dreams are the most valuable thing you will every own and every dream deserves protection.

The brand broke free from the category, reversed a 5-year decline in brand awareness, and generated over $700 million dollars in revenue from new policies


The classic :06 length of you-tube pre-roll is also about as long as it takes for something to go radically wrong. So, we used the challenging length to our advantage to make this point. Based on where people were watching the longform stories, their search and other on-line triggers, we retargeted them with a harder-hitting :06 based on the product they would be most likely to buy. These also made a few short-lists.



American Family has a roster of ambassadors that they use in work from time to time. But we needed to use them in a way that made sense with the campaign.